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How to Find the Right Live Band or Musician for Your Event

We know THAT situation. You know, the one where you’re trying to find the right live music for your special event; whether it be a wedding, ceremony, birthday party, corporate celebration, or something like this?

NO NEED TO WORRY, because we compiled a helpful guide to help narrow down those choices (and hopefully not just a random band you found off a Google search)


1. Cater to the guests' musical taste.

Yes, sometimes you are trying to entertain a particular special individual at the event, but we find it’s often better to find the common ground when it comes to music. You can often make a clear judgement based off certain characteristics of the entire audience. After all, why would everyone come for hours to listen to one person’s Top 20 Spotify Playlist? We’re not saying you can’t have a couple of specific requests, but try to keep it relevant to all the guests.


2. Decide the appropriate music volume.

Do you want the music to the backdrop to conversations or are you looking for an extravagant singer to entertain your guests? There’s a significant difference between a cocktail hour jazz trio and a roaring big band. Make sure you think about how much you really want to hear the music! More often than not, most entertainment companies can help guide you to select the best fit.


3. Look at the space of the event venue.

Wood vs. carpet, low vs. high ceilings, thin vs thick walls, inside vs. outside: these are just a few examples of what to consider when deciding on live music. Nothing worse than reverberating, loud drums! Clients sometimes hire sound engineers to work the event and bring the appropriate equipment to optimize the sound. We always say to take a picture of the room and to send it to the entertainment company so they can make adjustments to the band.


4. Come up with a budget.

Nothing is free in this world, and that includes musicians’ time! On average, a professional musician costs at least $100 an hour (not including other miscellaneous fees), so if you’re thinking about hiring that big band for $300 for four hours, it might not be what you can afford. We highly suggest coming up with an exact time frame so an entertainment company can provide exact prices and solutions.


5. See the artist or band live.

Most likely, if they are not having showcases or playing live consistently, then it’s honestly not a great band. Don’t just go off of online reviews! Working, professional musicians often have more of an ability to quickly read audiences, understand clients, and to provide high quality music. We find that it’s best to experience a musician or band live before making a final decision. If they’re good, you’ll know!


Drop a comment and let us know if these tips worked!

And when you're ready, check out our very own roster of professional musicians:

Best of Luck!

Abel Mireles & Peter Lin

Yardbird Entertainment LLC

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