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Radam Schwartz Organ Big Band

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Radam Schwartz - ORGAN



Radam Schwartz, Jazz Organist and pianist, has built his reputation over the last 40 years playing with such great musicians as Arthur and Red Prysock, Eddie Lockjaw Davis, Al Hibler, David Fathead Newman, Jimmy Ford, Tommy Gryce, Cecil Brooks III. He continues to make music history today playing with renowned artists Russell Malone, the Spirit of Life Ensemble, TK Blue, Conrad Herwig, Iron City Organ Ensemble and many others.

Radam’s prolific career has led to many successful recordings, many making the national charts. In all, he has been on over 40 recordings, 7 as leader and 2 as a co-leader. Some of the artists that he has recorded with are Don Braden, Jay Hogard, Russell Gunn, Ed Cherry, Andy McCloud, Bill Saxton, Bruce Williams, Frank Lacy, Paul Beaudry, Alvester Garnett, Jeff Hackworth, Rodney Jones, Miles Griffith, Clifford Adams, Sonny Fortune etc. His recording Organized (Muse-1996) is listed in the Hammond Organ Bible as one of the top 200 essential Organ recordings of all time. His latest recording, 2 Sides of the Organ Combo on Arabesque Records was released in 2018, made the JazzWeek and NACC Jazz Charts.

In 2009 and 2010 Radam received awards from Sesac for jazz composition. He was also mentioned in the world famous Downbeat Magazine Critics Poll in August 1997, 2009, 2010, 2015, and 2016, and 2017. He is also known for his work with singers including Della Griffin, Irene Reid, Madame Pat Tandy, Cynthia Holiday, Yvette Glover, Annette St. John, Carrie Jackson, and many others.


Radam Schwartz, who is joined by Abel Mireles’ Jazz Exchange Orchestra, has become the first organist to play all of the bass lines throughout an entire big band album. He named his new Arabesque release Message From Groove And G.W. after the Holmes/Wilson album. In addition to his organ playing, Schwartz contributed three originals and five of the ten arrangements to the project. He was wise to utilize the Mireles’ big band for the orchestra is comprised of talented improvisers, 12 of the 13 musicians have opportunities to take concise solos, and their ensembles are filled with plenty of spirit.




  • 5 saxophones: 2 Alto, 2 Tenor, and Baritone

  • Two Trumpets

  • Two Trombone

  • Guitar

  • Organ

  • Drums




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