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Yardbird Virtual Concert Series

Holiday Songbook From Harlem
Available through January 3, 2022
Featuring Bill Saxton & The Harlem All Stars

Featured Artist

Bill Saxton, Saxophone

William E. Saxton is a native New Yorker. Born in Harlem Hospital, and raised just blocks away on Seventh Avenue, between 147 and 146 Streets. When, Bill the young musician, left New York to pursue a degree in music at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, he graduated into world of jazz icons whose support would shape his professional attitude and musicianship for years to come. Clark Terry and Frank Foster were his mentors, who would serve as his core idols and friends, throughout his career. For over 30 years, Bill has performed with the top names in the business at home and aboard. He is currently the only Harlem born Black jazz musician, to own the location in his hometown/village, where pure jazz is the only attraction. Bill Place represents Bill’s dedication to straight ahead jazz. He reigns as Harlem’s Jazz King.

Minton's Playhouse Bill Saxton (15).JPG

Band Members

Bill Saxton, Saxophone

Keith Brown, Piano

Dezron Douglas, Bass

Darrell Green, Drums

Performance Venue

Bill's Place in Harlem


During America’s Prohibition Era, the 1920’s, New York City clubs were segregated. Black entertainers were not allowed to sit, drink or eat in the famous places where they performed for white audiences, like the Cotton Club, or The Apollo. Consequently, Black Jazz musicians made West 133 rd Street between Lenox and Seventh Avenues their home. The seeds of the Jazz Era in Harlem were planted on Swingstreet. The close quarters experienced by professional musicians was like fire under the creativity of the Black musicians like Fats Waller, James P Johnson, Willie the Lion Smith, Duke Ellington, etc. Their elevation of the quality of their craft from 1919 going forward until today serves as a “Black Gold Jazz standard” for all aspiring musicians of all races to emulate. In 1932 Billie Holiday was discovered by John Hammond at the current Swinstreet location of Bill’s Place which was founded originally by Ms. Tillie Fripp (Tillies Chicken Shack) in 1923. 


For the past sixteen years, the current owners, Bill Saxton and his wife Theda Palmer Saxton PhD, have presented the best jazz musical experiences available. The consistent 5 star YELP rating speaks volumes to the pleasurable responses of their international audiences.

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Production Company

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Founders Abel Mireles & Peter Lin

Yardbird Entertainment is a cohesive production company dedicated towards bridging the gap between music performance and technology. The team provides a myriad of music services including live music booking, audio/video and livestream productions, and virtual educational content. 

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Abel Mireles, Yardbird Entertainment, Producer

Peter Lin, Yardbird Entertainment, Producer

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