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NEW upcoming Jackie Gage videos + performances!

Are you dying to see more videos of Jackie Gage? Do you wish you got a chance to see her at Smoke Jazz Club but never made it out? Well, you're gonna love what we have for you.

How most people feel about our videos

We want to make sure you get to know about Jackie Gage first! What's our take? She's a great vocalist, composer, bandleader, generally cool person that everyone needs in their life. She's got so many great original tunes plus fresh takes on old standards. She is one of our (and our clients) favorites here at Yardbird Entertainment!

Alright, let's get to it.

When can I see the new videos?

We will be releasing a new video at 3pm EST every Wednesday on all of our social media platforms. Make sure to mark your calendars and tune in for a live viewing! If you're at work and can't see it, don't worry! We'll keep the videos up!

Here's our schedule:

Wednesday, February 12, 3pm

Wednesday, February 19, 3pm

Wednesday, February 26, 3pm

If you would like a reminder via e-mail or text, be sure to subscribe to our website!

Where can I see the videos?

You can see the videos by subscribing to us on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter! There, you will be able to watch Jackie do her thing for our Weekly Wednesday posts! Remember to help spread the word by sharing with all of your friends and family!

Where can I see Jackie Gage live?

If you like what you see in the videos, you can always check her out live! Here's the list:

Monday Feb 10, Marriott Pulse, 5-8pm

Wed Feb 12th, Smoke Jazz Club, 11:30pm


Wed Feb 19th, Smoke Jazz Club, 11:30pm

Thu Feb 20, The Django, (celebration of Sade), 10:30pm

How can I book Jackie Gage to perform?

Luckily you've come to the right place! Just visit our booking section and ask for Jackie Gage! We'll help coordinate the performance and make it easy for you to have a great listening experience!

Enjoy the vocal stylings of Jackie Gage!

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