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Weekly Wednesday Video : Jackie Gage's "Fire in my Mind"

This week's Weekly Wednesday Video features the amazing vocalist Jackie Gage (@jackiegage) and her quintet performing her original composition "Fire In My Mind" live at Smoke Jazz Club in NYC.

Watch "Fire In My Mind" below!

Wondering what the song is about? Here's from Jackie Gage herself:

"I wrote “Fire In My Mind” about the euphoric buzz you feel when you see the person you have a crush on.
Like when they pass by you at a party, or just walk into a room, and your heart starts racing, and your mind imagines all the ways you’re meant to be together. Even if that other person doesn’t know how much you care! Your body, and your mind naturally drift towards being around that person... that’s what this song is about"

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Thank you, and join us next week for another awesome video!

Peter Lin & Abel Mireles

Founders of Yardbird Entertainment

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